The Significant Person

Win yourself, before winning the world

An Alaskan Story

There were two hikers in Alaskan wilderness, got lost due to a terrible blizzard and its fifty degrees freezing. So one who was religious guy started praying God please help me. However since there was none the other option, his atheist friend also started praying “Oh God! If there is a God, please help me. I am lost in this blizzard and I’m going die if you will not help me”.

Out of nowhere couple of Eskimos came by, and showed them the way to there camp. On the way the religious guy startled, “so now you believe that the god exists”. The atheist at this point rolled his eyes and said, “Those were couple of eskimos we need to thank to. I don’t have any issues with god but he didn’t come to save us.”

The other argued, “Those eskimos were the form of god that were there to save you” but the atheist didn’t agree with his friend. This started a very aggressive argument, while they were on their way back.

Little did they notice that they were lost deep into the wilderness, before realizing that there was no way back to safety.

Reader must try to understand how important this argument must have been for these guys, until they lost their way. Yet only after they got lost, they understood, that this argument was so naïve.

We all get into such clashes and we forget our way in life, just like these friends, who lost their way in wild.

Differences always exists, difference in beliefs, difference of opinion, difference in lifestyle and life choices. Difference is inevitable, it is the proof of one’s uniqueness we all have in ourselves.

Some time we can just talk and clear these differences to be on the same side, like a political opinion or certain habits. But many time, both are right or equally beneficial in just different ways and we can just agree to disagree or ignore that part of the person. It can be very difficult to change someone’s belief or their life choices, that have originated from the most basic values of the person.

However sometimes we tend to develop an itch from this difference of beliefs/choices/opinions. We add a sense of right/wrong into it, and let our egos interfere.

At this moment nine ceases to be six for us.

The Way to a Better Human Experience

Acceptance is the solution. By accepting or ignoring our situation we are able to focus on important problems hence living a better life.

You see we all have some goal that we want to achieve in life, but when we have an itch and want to change this situation we loose the focus from our primary goal. Accepting the situation as it is, is the solution.

The most basic value of any religion is acceptance. In the Alaskan story the friends didn’t accept each other’s beliefs and forget to focus on more important things.

When we loose the urge to focus on trivial things, we focus on large problems and in the process we become The Significant Person.



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Om Rastogi

Om Rastogi

I believe in an altruistic world, where creativity and imagination replace repetitive work